Snowman's Code

In her collection Snowman's Code, Midge Goldberg evokes the American northeast and connects those landscapes and senses to the human heart. With both wordplay and wit, Goldberg creates poems that are fun to read and echo in the reader's head long after the initial impact.

Snowman's Code was selected by Dick Davis for the 2015 Richard Wilbur Poetry Award. The book also received the 2016 New Hampshire Literary Awards Reader's Choice for Outstanding Book of Poetry

Midge Goldberg's poems are quiet and often witty in their tone, exact in their observations, deft in their technical expertise, and altogether a joy to read. It is easy to be beguiled by her formal brilliance—there are whole poems here that work out a single metaphor, a poem built entirely on an all but unnoticeable pun, a poem almost all of whose verbs are nouns—but what is most impressive is the poems' exacting, accurate realism, not least in those poems in which she shows us how elusively ungraspable the realities of our lives must often remain. The Snowman's Code is a beautiful book, one to welcome and be grateful for.

—Dick Davis

With unerring eye, Midge Goldberg zeroes in on the poetry in everyday life, things the rest of us overlook, and on certain rare moments of "random blessedness." She's widely skilled in the sonnet, epigram, villanelle, free verse—and, whatever their forms, the poems deliver rich rewards. There's memorable wordplay and engaging humor—as in "God Talks Back to the Baseball Player" and "North by Northeast," which proves that Cary Grant's screen personality ill suits rural New Hampshire. I can't yet swear that Snowman's Code is the best collection of its year, but here's my vote for it as the most enjoyable. 

—X.J. Kennedy

Based on its book cover and title, Snowman’s Code might seem wintry and bleak, but if you must think that way, don’t think Ingmar Bergman, think Coen Brothers. Midge Goldberg’s book is one to turn to when you know what you mean, but you can’t find the words. Whatever the situation, somewhere in Snowman’s Code, she must have said something wise, precise, and apt.

—Barbara Egel (Read Barbara Egel’s review in Light)

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Flume Ride

The spirited poems of Midge Goldberg alternate between tart bitterness and joyful celebration, and their craft brings the energy of daily speech to high form and the art of rigorous craft to casual conversation. Goldberg’s Flume Ride is an exhilarating ride from beginning to end.

Midge Goldberg's poems in Flume Ride are formal without formality, metered and often rhymed with the fine casualness and ease of movement commonly associated with free verse. Keenly observant, subtle, wry, and always embracing the world with a largeness of spirit and intelligence, Goldberg has crafted a unique voice. This is poetry of a high order, but it is also verse, kin to song and wisdom.

—B.H. Fairchild

Her poems, equally accomplished whether formal or free, will take you to new places; you'll be glad you went in this poet's wry, intelligent, undeceived company.

—Rhina Espaillat

I find in these poems exactly the qualities I would look for in a friend: intelligence, honesty, openness and warmth of feeling.

—Alfred Nicol

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My Best Ever Grandpa

This book, created with talented artist Valori Herzlich, explores the wonderfulness of grandfathers.

All of the vibrantly drawn pictures depict a grandfather participating with his grandchild in so many activities: from gardening, cooking, singing and playing the guitar to helping him fix his car.

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